Ullswater Aldridge Cali DSC_0920 IMGP6510 2 DSCF8281.JPG copy - Version 2 DSC_0489 AnotherPlace1
1. A calm morning on Ullswater in the Lake District.
2. Football and beer two of my favourite things. John Aldridge and me at the Liverpool Beer Festival 2013 (I'm the one on the right).
3. The Caledonia home from homely
4. Made it to the Acropolis. Eventually.
5. Real ale at the Rail Ale Festival in Dinas in May 2013.
6. European Football Weekend 2009 in Netherlands and Germany.
7. Glass butterflies in Malaysian Borneo.
8. Another Place, Antony Gormley at Crosby Beach

Real Ale

I've put together a few real ale walks taking in Liverpool, Manchester, St.Helens and Rugby and Hull.

Looking to do some walks for other towns too, which will probably include nearby Chester, Huddersfield. Sheffield, Shrewsbury and Ludlow. I've now started a blog site on wordpress called
Scrawling Home to use for almost live updates from pubs, brewery trips etc. Could get out of hand for me and my friends.

Liver Pen 8


I have been a bit of a hobbyist for a few years now, enjoying writing some flash fiction and the odd poem.

I've read some of my writing at Liverpool's
Dead Good Poets Society, at Writing on the Wall Flash Fiction event at the Liverpool Philharmonic and at Dragons Pen at the Bluecoat (both 2013).

Stories I've written have been Listed in several places (see Table below). To date my only poetry claim to fame is having a poem about one of my favourite pubs - The Caledonia - displayed at the pub.


I have won challenges in Race the Date (January 2014) and Flash! Friday Fiction (April 2014), had several Honourable Mentions in Race the Date, Flash Fiction Friday and Mid Week Blues Busters (#MWBB). I got down to a short list to win a story writing competition for Jura Whisky - which was most exciting. One of my stories has just been picked (November 2014) for Luminous Creatures 'Winter of Whimsy & Wyrdness'.

I'm now a fully fledged member of Poised Pen writing group and get involved through their meetings and helping them with the Twittering, Newsletter and the 2014 Anthology.

I am also proud to be a member of a pack of Flash Fiction writers known as Flash Dogs. Really looking forward to our first anthology coming soon! Check out the great art work for it below produced by @tamrogers

Photo's and Twitter

I have removed my photo galleries from this site as I have a comprehensive Flickr account with thousands of photos all lovingly uploaded into neat folders - including Music, Mexico, Costa Rica, India, California, Football, and Beer - so if you are interested in some pictures rather than words then head on over to my Flickr page.

I am a
Twitter obsessive and you can find on there @zevonesque (what else?) discussing with 140 characters pretty much the same passions expressed on here.


Photos - lots of them - are on my Flickr page
Twitter mutterings* can be found here
Twittering on Real Ale in Liverpool can be found here

* but be warned there may be swearing - especially where related to football

All views expressed on this website are my own of course. Who else's?